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The teams of The Ocean Race not only sail around the world in sporting competition, they are also committed to science. On board the GUYOT environnement – Team Europe, a mini-lab is installed that takes water samples every day, filters them and measures how much microplastic is in the water. Onboard reporter Charles Drapeau does the job of properly logging the daily samples and changing the filters.

The reason for the scientific mission is not only the sailors’ self-interest in protecting the oceans and drawing attention to the problems of environmental pollution. Rather, science also has a great interest in using the route of The Ocean Race for its own research. This is because the stages take the yachts to regions of the world that are otherwise rarely sailed and thus little researched.


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In addition to measuring microplastics, GUYOT environnement – Team Europe has now also launched a weather buoy. The buoy is equipped with a drift anchor and drifts with the current. It measures the temperature of the surface water, has a barometer and sensors to measure pollutants.

With the message: “For our blue planet” and the signatures of all crew members, the buoy was thrown into the stern water of the black yacht.

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