Packing day at the base

Three days before the start of the first stage of The Ocean Europe, a kind of Christmas atmosphere came up in the base of GUYOT environnement – Team Europe. Big packages were dragged into the tent. Eagerly awaited the delivery from Robline: Six kilometers of fresh ropes now ensure that the yacht is triple equipped with all sheets and halyards. Three halyards, each 66 meters long, were to be hauled into the mast on Thursday. So while the riggers around Axel Levesque were ripping open packages, Thomas Cardrin, head of the Tech Team, and sailor Annie Lush were busy packing for their part. Cardrin put spare parts and tools into various boxes according to a precise plan, Lush put together the food packages for stages one and two of the race.

There was already reason for relief the evening before: With the support of 11th Hour Racing, the engine of the black yacht of GUYOT environnement – Team Europe had been made to run again. During the dockout for the Inport Race on Sunday, the engine had to be shut down after a damage in the cooling system. Since then, the team was waiting for the delivery of a spare part. On Wednesday, an alternate route was taken. 11th Hour Racing was able to help out with the part they were looking for. After installation in the evening, Tristan Estèves was able to report to the team for the late dinner on Wednesday: “Machine is running!” Thus, the crew was able to sail out again on Thursday without double support from the ribs and present the yacht to some guests at the ProAm race.

“A super move by 11th Hour Racing. A big thank goes out there, of course,” said team manager Jens Kuphal. And logistics boss Ludger Gawlitta immediately put the thanks into practice, delivering a eleven boxes of beer to the competitor, 11th Hour Racing. The next morning, the delivery of the ordered spare part also arrived in Alicante.

“We’ll now install the new part and give 11th Hour Racing back their spare part,” said Thomas Cardrin. With that, he was relieved of a major worry while he packed more spare parts and tools into boxes. “All the equipment coming aboard is accurately registered and designated, so I can tell the crew on board from shore where to find what if needed to make repairs.” By Saturday, all the boxes should be filled and labeled, and then everything will be moved onto the yacht.

That includes the food bags. Annie Lush, with her experience from two Ocean Race participations, has taken on the task of putting together food for each crew member. There are bags of freeze-dried food: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for each day. Since no loading is allowed at the stop in Cabo Verde, the bags of food pile up in the tent right away for the first two legs. Water is available from the desalination plant. In addition to the basic food, Annie Lush also has a few surprises on board: “You always need something for your head, so I packed some snacks: energy bars, candy bars, sweets. I know what the crew likes. There are some secrets for everyone in the bags.” Three days before the start, it’s just a bit like Christmas at the GUYOT environnement – Team Europe base.

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